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Hair extensions frequently asked questionsQ: Do they damage your hair? No not if applied and removed correctly! I myself have had pre bonded glue and also dinkies and each have left my hair in good condition. It takes a couple of weeks after removal for your hair to settle again and this is perfectly normal. There's a lot of bad press about glued extensions, when cheap glue is used it can damage the hair. However, using high quality glue with the best quality hair means this does not happen.

Q: Are they difficult to look after? Full aftercare advice is provided and I will walk you through how to style and look after them in best way. Feedback from my clients indicated that they've managed their hair better with the hair extensions in. I also found this once I got used to them,

Q: Do they hurt? Hair extensions don't hurt! They do feel a little stiff for the first week but it is different for everyone. I always advise 7 to 10 days for them to fully settle into the hair so if you have a special occasion you're planning for you will need to allow this extra time.

Q: What if I don't like them? When trying something new for the first time it can be quite daunting! Once I've consulted with you I will be able to determine if the service I provide will work for you, after all it is my job!! I absolutely believe when we've decided to go ahead you will love them and never look back! However, if you would like them removing this can be done quickly and painlessly without damage to your existing hair.
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