Hair Extensions Preston, Shrinkies, Micro Ring, Pre-bonded Hair Extensions"

Hair extensions ranges
Stephanie offers a range of various hair extensions styles, which will cater for everyone's needs. If you are looking for an expert in hair extensions in Preston, you have come to the right place!
Shrinkies are small shrinkable tubes that connect your hair to the extensions using an adhesive. This method is very suited to clients who have thick hair and want that fuller thicker look. More hair can be attached to each bond achieving thick and glamorous hair.

Micro Ring are small protective covered metal rings called ‘micro rings’ and come in variety of colours so they blend in to the hair well. The hair extension is slotted inside the ring and then clamped shut which is very suited to clients with fine hair, as no glue is required, protecting the natural hair. Generally the rings can be changed therefore keeping clients maintenance or future service costs down. If aftercare is adhered to properly then in most cases rings can be adjusted and there’s no need to have new hair attached, as the existing hair will be suitable.

Pre bonded extensions already come bonded with adhesive. When heat is applied the bond is attached to the natural hair and the adhesive is virtually invisible. These are most comfortable to wear in our opinion and recommended for most hair types. This is by far the most popular choice amongst celebrities.

Stephanie Kerr Hair Extensions
Colour Matching to Exacting Standards
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Stephanie Kerr Hair Extensions
Hair from Quality Sources, 100% Human Hair
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Stephanie Kerr Hair Extensions